can we maintain review comments other than primary directory ?

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siva kumar
created an issue

Issue : 1

all review comments will be stored under primary directory - is it possible to change ?

Ex :

cd myproject;


69bd2317acc98783a01f6f749a810b3a89830899 8173cd6a41e083716beae148b4eb8afb05cb74be c9dce0d772b63fe4e762a6b104e3adecd18e263a mod1 6fa643282f59a845a76b6c13bd0ec316564c414f build ebd463f2130a66a7f805ee428a004874116ad5e7

before that :

cd myproject


build mod1

Can we store comments start with hash value to other than primary directory ?

Issue : 2

I have start review using --- hg review -w Some one added comment in review page - my name is displayed as author

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