Failure to load with `hg>=3.8.0`.

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Michael Forbes
created an issue

The mercurial extension API change in revision 3.8.0 and now requires that that @command decorator be used to register the extension as described here:

Trying to load this extension with a new version of mercurial gives the following error:

*** failed to import extension review from .../hg-review/review/: missing attributes: norepo, optionalrepo, inferrepo
*** (use @command decorator to register 'review')

(This is due to revision aa73d6a5d9ea which stores information in norepo etc. on the decorated function.)

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  1. Steve Losh repo owner

    I'm surprised it hasn't bitrotted long before now. I don't have time to maintain this -- it's on my "looking for maintainers" list. Let me know if you're interested.

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