hg-review / fabfile.py

from __future__ import with_statement
import os

from fabric.api import *

def demo():
    env.hosts += ['stevelosh.com:22779']
    env.data_repo = '/var/www/review.stevelosh.com/data'
    env.tool_repo = '/var/www/review.stevelosh.com/hg-review'
    env.supervisord_program = 'gunicorn-review-hg-review'

def deploy():
    run('hg -R %s pull' % env.data_repo)
    run('hg -R %s pull --update' % os.path.join(env.data_repo, '.hg', 'review'))
    run('hg -R %s pull --update' % env.tool_repo)
    sudo('supervisorctl restart %s' % env.supervisord_program)
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