hgd / README.markdown


Don't use this yet.

It will probably eat your data and format your hard drive.

hgd is an experiment in creating a "daemon mode" for Mercurial, similar to Emacs' daemon mode.

The goal is to make daily Mercurial usage snappier and more responsive by avoiding the time it takes to start the Python interpreter and load all the Mercurial code.


  • Interactive commands, like hg record and hg commit with no args (usually opens an editor) are borked.
  • Output isn't shown until the command is finished. That means you don't get incremental notifications from hg push, etc.
  • Arguments (like -m for hg commit) cannot contain newlines.
  • Color is always enabled. Not suitable for scripting.
  • Standard error is combined with standard output. Not suitable for scripting.
  • It will probably eat your data.


  • Mercurial 1.7.2
  • Diesel (pip install -e git://
  • A non-shitty version of netcat (brew install netcat on OS X, PACKAGE_MANAGER install netcat-traditional on Ubuntu)


GPLv2+, just like Mercurial.

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