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Makefile: test running improvements from hg-git

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 	cd tests && $(PYTHON) --with-hg=`which hg` $(TESTFLAGS) $@
-.PHONY: help all local build doc clean install install-bin install-doc \
-	install-home install-home-bin install-home-doc dist dist-notests tests \
-	update-pot
+	@echo "Path to crew repo is $(CREW) - set this with CREW= if needed."
+	hg -R $(CREW) checkout $$(echo $@ | sed s/tests-//) && \
+	(cd $(CREW) ; $(MAKE) clean ) && \
+	cd tests && $(PYTHON) $(CREW)/tests/ $(TESTFLAGS)
+all-version-tests: tests-1.4.3 tests-1.5.4 tests-1.6.2 tests-tip
+.PHONY: help all tests all-version-tests
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