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Assignment 1


Problem 1

"The man saw the woman with his telescope."

"The man used a telescope to see the woman."

"The man saw the woman with her telescope."

Problem 2

  1. Sisters reunite in Safeway checkout after ten years apart.
  2. Large hole appears in High Street. City authorities are investigating.
  3. Mayor says bus passengers should wear seat belts.

Problem 3

"There are no head injuries which are too trivial to ignore."

The second meaning is hard to nail down. It's maybe something like "(no head injury) is too trivial to ignore", or "an uninjured head is so trivial that we can't possibly ignore it".

Problem 4

The obvious meaning is that when there is a fire, you should not use the elevator.

The other meaning is that you should never use the elevator in case there might be a fire.

"Do not use the elevator when there is a fire."

Problem 5

It could be true. If the sentence implies "this page was intentionally left blank by the author, but we the editors have added this notice" then it's fine. But if it just means "this page intentionally has no ink" then it's false.

The purpose could be something like:

  1. Our printing process means we have a few extra pages at this point and no content for them.
  2. We don't want you to think we accidentally left something out that you might need.
  3. So we'll add this notice to make it clear that you're not missing anything.

"No content on this page" or something similar would be a bit less grating than the current wording.

Problem 6

Problem 7

The temperature is a measurement system -- it's an abstract thing that can't feel hot or cold.

Problem 8

By counterexample:

N = (+ (* 2 3 5 7 11 13)
N = 30031

30031 = (* 509 59)
30031 is not prime

Just for Fun

Problem 1

and, and, and, and and

Problem 2

and or and or and