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-A static site generator, tailored for my own needs. (Work in progress.)
+A static site generator, tailored for *my* own needs. (Work in progress.)
-Requires Python 2.6, with the following modules:
-    module              easy_install        url
-    ------              ----                ---
-    BeautifulSoup       BeautifulSoup
-    dateutil            python-dateutil
-    mako                Mako      
-    markdown            Markdown  
-    PyRSS2Gen           PyRSS2Gen 
-    yaml                PyYAML    
-At the moment there isn't any documentation, or even a list of features.
-But you can get some idea of how it works by comparing the contents of
-./example-site/ with the resulting site in ./example-site/deploy/,
-which can be seen in action at:
+    pip install -r requirements.txt
 Licensed under the terms of the MIT license (see the LICENSE file).
-    Mako templates
-    Markdown formatting