General Information


  • UI

    • Resources
      • Edit icon for craft table to show/hide individual craft recipes
  • QOL/Other

    • Ziggurat upgrades should be hidden by default and unlocked one by one
  • Features

    • Leaders should give a special minor bonus based on trait (and rank)
    • Planetary cycles should give cosmetic gameplay bonuses/penalties
  • Portability

    • Render/Update loops should be decoupled from the Game class.
      • Game should be probably splitted into GameCore and GameClient with the option to provide arbitrary implementation of the GameClient
    • Most of the logic in the button handlers should be moved to the corresponding manager methods

Please feel free to add other suggestions.

Contribution guidelines


In a grim and dark future of the catkind no one can hear you scream.

  • Good: mythical monsters, elder artifacts, arcane technologies, lost civilizations
  • Bad: elves, fairies, robots, owls

General Design Principles

  • It's better to reuse existing buildings and resources rather than introduce new
  • Active gameplay should be encouraged if possible, but should not be an absolute requirement to play.
  • Every problem or bottleneck should be addressed in multiple ways (E.g.: Tradepost to reduce fur consumption AND hunting upgrade to get better yield)
  • Every solution to a problem should create a new problem

  • Design things difficult first and address them with upgrades later

    • For god's sake never ever nerf anything
  • Think how things will scale at later stages. You have a rare resource that cost 1M unobtainium? Someone will be able to farm trillions of them.

  • Try to introduce some varieties in mechanic but stay withing established rule system.

    • For example, hunt require catpower, grants you various resource and have a chance of giving you something rare
    • Similarly trade require catpower, grants you various resource and have a chance of giving you something rare.
      • Everyone are really comfortable with trade mechanic because it speaks in familiar terms that players have learned already.
  • Don't use %reduction effects. For every problem it may solve, a trillion new issues will appear.

  • Don't use price reduction effects. If you do, be extremely careful.