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 The book will always be free to read online.
-You can buy an ebook (PDF, epub, mobi) version for $8 on Leanpub at:
+You can buy an [ebook (PDF, epub, mobi) version][leanpub] for $8 on Leanpub.
-You can buy a paperback copy for $20 on Lulu at:
+You can buy a [paperback copy][paper] for $20 on Lulu.
-You can buy a hardcover copy for $40 on Lulu at:
+You can buy a [hardcover copy][hard] for $40 on Lulu.
 The source code to the book is available [on BitBucket][hg] and [on
 GitHub][git].  If you find any mistakes or feel you could improve it feel free