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A few minor style changes.

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 div#canvas {
-    width: 60em;
+    width: 70em;
     margin: auto;
     text-align: left;


 .playlists_playlist_table_entry td {
     background-color: #e5e5e5;
-    padding: 0.2em;
+    padding: 0.5em;
     padding-left: 0.4em;
     padding-right: 0.4em;
-.playlists_playlist_table_header td {
-    font-size: 1.2em;
-    font=weight: bold;
+.playlists_playlist_table_entry td.playlists_track_num {
+    text-align: center;
+.playlists_playlist_table_header th {
+    font-weight: bold;
     background-color: inherit;


 <h1>{{ }}'{% if not ends %}s{% endif %} set on {{|date:"F j, Y" }}</h1>
 	<table id="playlists_playlist_table">
 		<tr class="playlists_playlist_table_header">
-			<td>#</td>
-			<td>Title</td>
-			<td>Artist</td>
-			<td>Album</td>
-			<td>Length</td>
-			<td>BPM</td>
+			<th>#</th>
+			<th>Title</th>
+			<th>Artist</th>
+			<th>Album</th>
+			<th>BPM</th>
 	{% for track in playlist.playlisttrack_set.all %}
 		<tr class="playlists_playlist_table_entry">
-			<td>{{ track.number }}</td>
+			<td class="playlists_track_num">{{ track.number }}</td>
 			<td>{{ }}</td>
 			<td>{{ }}</td>
 			<td>{{ }}</td>
-			<td>{{ }}</td>
 			<td>{% if %}{{ }}{% endif %}</td>
 	{% endfor %}
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