lindyjam / djschedule /

from lindyjam.djschedule.models import Slot
from django.contrib import admin

class DJSlotAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    list_display = ('dj_date', 'name', 'email', 
                    'phone', 'carrier', 'submitted', 'approved',)
    list_filter = ('dj_date', 'approved')
    date_hierarchy = 'dj_date'
    ordering = ('-dj_date',)
    fieldsets = [
        (None, { 'fields': ['dj_date', 'name'] }),
        ('Submission Info', { 'fields': ['submitted', 'approved'],
                       'description': "The filled slot won't show up on the site unless the Approved box is checked." }),
        ('Notification Info', { 'fields': ['email', 'phone', 'carrier'],
                       'description': "Information for notifications.",
                       'classes': ['collapse'] }),
    ], DJSlotAdmin)
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