Mercurial CLI Templates

by Steve Losh

Mercurial has a great command line interface and many people use it without ever feeling the need for a GUI to manage their repositories. However, we can make it even better by taking advantage of Mercurial’s templating features.

This repository contains three new templates for Mercurial:

  • Short Log
  • Nice Log
  • Short Graphlog

Check out hg help templating or the chapter on customizing the output of Mercurial in the Mercurial book if you want more details on how the templating actually works.

Short Log

This command will print out a log of all the changesets in the repository, one per line, with each line having the revision number, hash identifier, and summary.

To use this template you can edit your ~/.hgrc file to contain the following:

slog = log --style=/full/path/to/map-cmdline.slog

After adding the alias hg slog should display the short log.

Nice Log

The short log is great a quick review of the past few changesets, but for a much more detailed view of a particular changeset nice log is more suitable.

To use this template you can edit your ~/.hgrc file to contain the following:

nlog = log --style=/full/path/to/map-cmdline.nlog

Now you should be able to display the nice log with the hg nlog command.

Short Graphlog

The graphlog command is wonderful for reviewing the history of repositories with branches, but we can make it more compact and easier to read with another template.

To use this template you can edit your ~/.hgrc file to contain the following:

sglog = glog --style=/full/path/to/map-cmdline.sglog

To show the short graphlog just type hg sglog.


  • 2012-05-18: Add README
  • 2012-02-04: Support phases
  • 2011-09-28: Show desc in quiet slog
  • 2011-03-09: Wrap bookmarks in [] and show them even in non-verbose mode
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