Michael Klishin avatar Michael Klishin committed 9004e81

Cherry pick metrics.meters/count, fixes #9

Contributed by Ian Eure.

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 (defn rate-mean [^Meter m]
   (.meanRate m))
+(defn count
+  [^Meter m]
+  (.count m))
 ; Write -----------------------------------------------------------------------
 (defn mark!


     (meters/mark! m 20000)
     (Thread/sleep 8000)
     (is (every? #(> % 0.0) (vals (meters/rates m))))))
+(deftest test-count
+  (let [m (meters/meter ["test" "meters" "test-count"] "test-events")]
+    (is (zero? (meters/count m)))
+    (meters/mark! m)
+    (is (= 1 (meters/count m)))))
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