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 Histograms are used to record the distribution of a piece of data over time.
+They're used when you have a type of data for which the following are true:
+* There are distinct "events" for this type of data, such as "user performs
+  a search and we return N results".
+* Each event has a numeric value (the "N results" in our example).
+* Comparisons of these numeric values are meaningful.
+For example: HTTP status codes do *not* fit this because comparisons between the
+numeric values are not meaingful.  The fact that 404 happens to be less than 500
+doesn't tell you anything.
+Contrast this with something like "search results returned": one value being
+less than the other tells you something meaningful about the data.
+Histograms can tell you things like:
+    75% of all searches returned 100 or fewer results, while 95% got 200 or
+    fewer.
+If the numeric value you're recording is the amount of time taken to do
+something, you probably want a timer instead of a histogram.
+Examples of metrics you might want to track with a histogram:
+* Search results returned ("99% of searches returned 300 or fewer results").
+* Response body size ("75% of responses were 30kb or smaller").
+**TODO:** More examples.
     (def search-results-returned-biased
       (histogram "search-results-returned-unbiased" false))
-.. _defhistogram:
+.. _histograms/defhistogram:
 You can also use the ``defhistogram`` macro to create a histogram and bind it to
 a var in one concise, easy step::
-Update the histogram when you have a new value to record::
+Once you've got a histogram you can update it with the numeric values of events
+as they occur.
+.. _histograms/update!:
+Update the histogram when you have a new value to record with ``update!``::
     (use '[metrics.histograms :only (update!)])
 The data of a histogram metrics can be retrived in a bunch of different ways.
+.. _histograms/percentiles:
     => { 0.50 100
          0.75 180 }
+.. _histograms/number-recorded:
     (number-recorded search-results-returned)
     => 12882
+.. _histograms/smallest:
     (smallest search-results-returned)
     => 4
+.. _histograms/largest:
     (largest search-results-returned)
     => 1345
+.. _histograms/mean:
     (mean search-results-returned)
     => 233.12
+.. _histograms/std-dev:
     (std-dev search-results-returned)
     => 80.2
+.. _histograms/sample: