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 python-dribbble is a simple Python library for interacting with [Dribbble][].
-It's [MIT/X11 licensed][license]. It requires [Python][] 2.5+.
-It was written in about half an hour, so don't expect miracles.
+It's [MIT/X11 licensed][license]. It requires [Python][] 2.6+ or 2.5 and
 Install it with [pip][]:
 * `player`: The Player that made this shot.
+Fork the [Mercurial repository][bb] (preferred) or the [git repository][gh],
+add your feature, send a pull request. Stick to the coding style and add a test
+for your feature.
+Make sure you look at the existing tests before writing your own -- they do
+ugly "clever" things to avoid getting banned by Dribbble's API.