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+syntax: glob

Empty file added.

+import urllib2
+try: import simplejson as json
+except ImportError: import json
+API_URL = ''
+def _api(url, id):
+    u = urllib2.urlopen(API_URL + url % id)
+    return json.loads(
+class Dribbble(object):
+    def __init__(self):
+        pass
+    def player(self, username):
+        return Player(_api('players/%s/', username))
+    def shot(self, id):
+        return Shot(_api('shots/%d/', id))
+class Shot(object):
+    def __init__(self, data):
+        for k, v in data.items():
+            if k != u'player':
+                setattr(self, k, v)
+        self.player = Player(data[u'player'])
+class Player(object):
+    def __init__(self, data, username=None):
+        for k, v in data.items():
+            setattr(self, k, v)
+        # Srsly, Dribbble API?
+        self.username = self.url.strip('/').rsplit('/', 1)[-1]
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