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 New Features
+* added python_files project config
+* python_path project config should be searched before sys.path
+* added AutoImport.clear_cache()
+* added codeassist.starting_expression()
+* inferring the type of except variables
+* refactorings and code-assists are considerably faster
+* better import insertion location
+* better syntax errors
+* fixed preventing maximum recursion for mutual star imports
+* re-added deprecated NoProject.close() to make ropeide work
+* better handling of parameters that are assigned
+* fixed updating project file cache
+* better global function extraction
+* importing version control modules lazily
+The ``python_files`` project config can be used to tell rope which
+files in the project are python modules.  By default it is
+``['*.py']``.  If you have scripts in your project it can be useful;
+for instance add::
+  ``prefs['python_files'] = ['*.py', ``*.pyw``, ``scripts/*``]``
+to your ``.ropeproject/``.
 Getting Started
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