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Roul (from "roulette") is a tiny Clojure library for working with random numbers more easily.

For example:

(require '[roul.random :as rr])

; Get a random integer between 0 and 10
(rand-int 10)    ; Default Clojure
(rr/rand-int 10) ; Roul

; Get a random integer between 10 and 20
(+ 10 (rand-int 10)) ; Default Clojure
(rr/rand-int 10 20)  ; Roul

; Get a random element from a weighted collection

; Returns coffee roughly 80% of the time, tea 15%, and soda 5%.
(rr/rand-nth-weighted {:coffee 0.80 :tea 0.15 :soda 0.05})

; Returns cats roughly twice as often as boots.
(rr/rand-nth-weighted [[:boots 14] [:cats 28]])


You need Leiningen 2 to use this. Sorry.

[roul "0.2.0"]


Read the documentation.


Copyright © 2012 Steve Losh and Contributors

MIT/X11 Licensed

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