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gundo.vim: Update documentation.

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                 <a name="gundo_statusline"></a>
-                <p>Set these to a string to display it as the status line for each Gundo window.</p>
+                <p>
+                    Set this to 0 to disable automatically rendering preview diffs as you move
+                    through the undo tree (you can still render a specific diff with r).  This can
+                    be useful on large files and undo trees to speed up Gundo.
+                </p>
                 <p>Default: unset (windows use the default statusline)</p>
                 <ol class="changelog">
-                    <li>v2.3.1
+                    <li>v2.5.0
+                        <ul>
+                            <li>
+                                Fix the help window to take custom mappings into account.
+                            </li>
+                            <li>
+                                Add <code>g:gundo_playback_delay</code> option.
+                            </li>
+                        </ul>
+                    </li>
+                    <li>v2.4.0
                                 Add auto preview option.
                                 Add 'r' mapping to preview current state.
+                            <li>
+                                Add public <code>gundo#GundoShow()</code> and <code>gundo#GundoHide()</code> functions.
+                            </li>