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<h1 id="changelog"><a href="">Changelog</a></h1><p>Here's the list of changes in each released version.</p>
<h2 id="v094">v0.9.4</h2>
<ul><li>Relies on Lanterna <code>2.1.5</code> to get some bugfixes.</li>
</ul><h2 id="v093">v0.9.3</h2>
<ul><li><code>get-key-blocking</code> now accepts optional arguments for timeout and interval.</li>
<li>Added <code>remove-resize-listener</code> functions for Screens and Terminals.</li>
</ul><h2 id="v092">v0.9.2</h2>
<ul><li>Added an experimental <code>put-sheet</code> function for screens.  Don't rely on this
  yet -- it's subject to change.</li>
<li>Relies on a stable release of Lanterna once more.</li>
</ul><h2 id="v091">v0.9.1</h2>
<ul><li>Added the <code>clear</code> functions for terminals and screens.</li>
<li>Added the <code>get-size</code> functions for terminals and screens.</li>
<li>Relies on a snapshot release of Lanterna so may not be stable.</li>
</ul><h2 id="v090">v0.9.0</h2>
<p>Initial prerelease.  The architecture won't change but the API might.  Until
version <code>1.0.0</code> I reserve the right to break things indiscriminately.</p>
            <footer><p>Created by <a href="">Steve Losh</a>.
Documentation created with <a href="">d</a>.</p>
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