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        <title>Slides by Steve Losh</title>
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                <a href="/use-version-control/">Using Version Control Will Make You Happy</a>
                for my talk at
                <a href="">Refresh Rochester</a>
                on April 2, 2010
            <!-- <h1>
                <a href="/you-suck-at-coding/">You Suck at Coding. Code Review Can Help.</a>
                for my talk at
                <a href="">BarCamp Rochester</a>
                on April 3, 2010
            </h2> -->
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                    All slides are written in
                    <a href="">Markdown</a>
                    and rendered with
                    <a href="">slidedown</a>.
                    <br />
                    The source is
                    <a href="">freely available</a>
                    and licensed as
                    <a href="">Creative Commons By-Share Alike 3.0</a>.