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 Slimv tries to mimic a subset of SLIME's (Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs) functionality inside Vim. The script defines functions and keybindings to send Lisp s-expressions to a Lisp REPL. Slimv runs its own REPL or connects to a running REPL started by a previous Slimv session. The connection to Lisp is established when the first Slimv command is executed (e.g. an s-expression is evaluated).
-The Lisp REPL buffer can also be opened inside Vim as a Vim buffer. The script has a basic support for Clojure REPL.
+The Lisp REPL buffer can also be opened inside Vim as a Vim buffer with syntax highlighting and autoindenting, Lisp commands may be entered in the command line, just as in a regular REPL. The script also has a basic support for Clojure REPL.
 Here follows a list of Slimv commands, for a more complete description with keybindings see the included documentation.
+0.3.0: REPL buffer enhancements: added syntax highlighting and automatic indentation, it is possible to enter a multi-line command, Ctrl-C is working; server REPL window performance enhancement on Linux.
 0.2.2: Fixed REPL input and output mix-up problems, evaluation performance enhancement, corrected some more macroexpand problems. 
 0.2.1: Added basic Clojure support, fixed some macroexpand and REPL refresh problems.