Steve Losh avatar Steve Losh committed 8e1c1dc Merge

Merge pull request #21 from killphi/fix_spliceinit_crash

Fixes several crash issues with the latest VIm versions

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 class Buffer(object):
     def __init__(self, i):
-        self.number = i + 1
-        self._buffer = vim.buffers[i]
+        self.number = i
+        for b in vim.buffers:
+            if b.number == self.number:
+                self._buffer = b
+                break =
     def open(self, winnr=None):
 class _BufferList(object):
     def original(self):
-        return Buffer(0)
+        return Buffer(1)
     def one(self):
-        return Buffer(1)
+        return Buffer(2)
     def two(self):
-        return Buffer(2)
+        return Buffer(3)
     def result(self):
-        return Buffer(3)
+        return Buffer(4)
     def hud(self):
-        return Buffer(int(vim.eval("bufnr('__Splice_HUD__')")) - 1)
+        return Buffer(int(vim.eval("bufnr('__Splice_HUD__')")))
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