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Strftimedammit is a single Vim documentation file that lists strftime-like formatting characters for a variety of languages.

It was born when I finally got sick of having to open a browser with the Django docs to look up how to use its date formatting template filter.

Languages/libraries included so far:

  • Django
  • Java (Joda)
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby



Install with Pathogen.

Make sure you :call pathogen#helptags() after installing to make Vim notice the new documentation file.

Now you can use :help strftimedammit to open the documentation.

There are also tags in place for each language, so you can do :help strftime-python or :help strftime-django to go right to that section.


Add your favorite language or library to the doc file, fork, and send a pull request.

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