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Added remove task functionality.

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         task = self.tasks.pop(self[prefix]['id'])
         self.done[task['id']] = task
+    def remove_task(self, prefix):
+        """Remove the task from tasks list.
+        If more than one task matches the prefix an AmbiguousPrefix exception
+        will be raised, if no tasks match it an UnknownPrefix exception will
+        be raised.
+        """
+        task = self.tasks.pop(self[prefix]['id'])
     def print_list(self, kind='tasks', verbose=False, quiet=False, grep=''):
         """Print out a nicely formatted list of unfinished tasks."""
         tasks = dict(getattr(self, kind).items())
                        help="edit TASK to contain TEXT", metavar="TASK")
     actions.add_option("-f", "--finish", dest="finish",
                        help="mark TASK as finished", metavar="TASK")
+    actions.add_option("-r", "--remove", dest="remove",
+                       help="Remove TASK from list", metavar="TASK")
     config = OptionGroup(parser, "Configuration Options")
         if options.finish:
+        elif options.remove:
+            td.remove_task(options.remove)
+            td.write(options.delete)
         elif options.edit:
             td.edit_task(options.edit, text)
             td.print_list(verbose=options.verbose, quiet=options.quiet,
     except AmbiguousPrefix, e:
-        sys.stderr.write('The ID "%s" matches more than one task.' % e.prefix)
+        sys.stderr.write('The ID "%s" matches more than one task.\n' % e.prefix)
     except UnknownPrefix, e:
-        sys.stderr.write('The ID "%s" does not match any task.' % e.prefix)
+        sys.stderr.write('The ID "%s" does not match any task.\n' % e.prefix)
 if __name__ == '__main__':