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Update for newer tmux focus stuff.

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File plugin/vitality.vim

         " Some escape sequences (but not all, lol) need to be properly escaped
         " to get them through tmux without being eaten.
-        let enable_focus_reporting = s:WrapForTmux(enable_focus_reporting)
-        let disable_focus_reporting = s:WrapForTmux(disable_focus_reporting)
+        let enable_focus_reporting = s:WrapForTmux(enable_focus_reporting) . enable_focus_reporting
+        let disable_focus_reporting = disable_focus_reporting
         let cursor_to_bar = s:WrapForTmux(cursor_to_bar)
         let cursor_to_block = s:WrapForTmux(cursor_to_block)
         " The goal is to fire the autocmd and restore the state as cleanly as
         " possible.  This is easy for some modes and hard/impossible for others.
-        "
-        " EXAMPLES:
         nnoremap <silent> <f24> :doautocmd FocusLost %<cr>
         nnoremap <silent> <f25> :doautocmd FocusGained %<cr>