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General information

Orthanc is a lightweight, RESTful Vendor Neutral Archive for DICOM.

General information about Orthanc can be found on its official Website.

This repository contains the source code of the Orthanc Book, that documents how Orthanc can be used.


To build the Orthanc Book from sources, you need to install Sphinx, the Python Documentation Generator.

Installing Sphinx under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

# sudo pip install sphinx sphinx_bootstrap_theme

Generating the documentation

Under Linux

# cd ./Sphinx
# make html

The HTML documentation will be available in the folder ./build/html. You can for instance open it using Mozilla Firefox as follows:

# firefox ./build/html/index.html

How to contribute

  • Make sure to understand the reStructuredText file format.
  • Fork this repository onto your BitBucket account.
  • Edit the content of the ./Sphinx/source/ folder.
  • Submit a pull request for review by the Orthanc project.
  • Once the pull request is reviewed, the continuous integration server of the Orthanc project will automatically publish the new version online.