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- *gcal          ----------  [Deprecated] python script to convert Units, Currency using google service.
- *ytdl          ----------  [Deprecated] python script to download youtube video, supports different quality/format options


- backup.sh      ----------  tar based personal backup script
- convideo       ----------  convert video file to avi (MPEG4) with customized scale
- dir2xml.sh     ----------  convert a directory tree structure to xml file.
- dvd.sh         ----------  convert DVD media to avi file
- extvideo.sh    ----------  extract video clip as avi (Mpeg4) from video file
- matrixT.sh     ----------  Matrix transpose with Awk
- mvfile2dir.sh  ----------  create dir with same name as file, and mv file in. e.g. /foo/a.txt a.jpg -> /foo/a/a.txt, a.jpg
- mvs2t.sh       ----------  rename files (*.mobi) simplified Chinese -> traditional Chinese (UTF-8)
- recWin.sh      ----------  A wrapper of byzanz-record, to ease x-window recording.
- *setProxy.sh   ----------  [Deprecated] switch proxy settings, since python application "tinySwitch" was build, this script is NOT used any longer.
- shadow.sh      ----------  add shadow to a png image
- tex2pdf.sh     ----------  Generating pdf from latex source file using xelatex.