1. Kai Yuan
  2. tinyswitch



The project was moved to HERE. This repository would NOT be updated any longer.


Sometimes we have to work under various network environments. At different clients, in office, at home... Switching proxy settings again and again is really annoying.

TinySwitch could help us to switch proxy setting easily.

Tinyproxy will work as a transparent proxy forwarding service. So tinyproxy is required to be installed.

Currently tinyswitch has only a CLI.


python 2.6+


  1. install tinyproxy if you haven't done it yet.
  2. configurate tinyproxy to make localhost:port your system proxy. And set this proxy to any of your applications that need to configurate a proxy server.
  3. download and extract the archive.

    sudo python setup.py install
  4. start application by typing tinyswitch, then follow the configuration wizard.

  5. tinyswith -h will print help information