Anonymous committed 3756424

Coerced all path names in to lower-case, since some versions of
coverage do so.

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     for name in dirs:
         newpath = os.path.join(path, name)
-        if newpath.startswith(base):
+        if newpath.lower().startswith(base):
             relpath = newpath[len(base):]
             yield "| " * relpath.count(os.sep)
             yield "<a class='directory' href='menu?base=%s&exclude=%s'>%s</a>\n" % \
             yield chunk
     # Now list the files
-    if path.startswith(base):
+    if path.lower().startswith(base):
         relpath = path[len(base):]
         files = [k for k, v in root.iteritems() if not v]
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