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easyflash / EF3CPLDUpdate

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Update the EasyFlash 3 CPLD firmware

  1. Make sure the driver is installed
  2. Download the latest release of the programming tool easp
  3. Pick the right version of the executable for your system, rename it to easp (Linux) or easp.exe (Windows) and put it into an executable place (e.g. c:\windows\system32 or /usr/local/bin)
  4. Download the latest version of ef3-cpld-*.zip
  5. Connect the EF3 to the C64 expansion port and the USB port of your PC.
  6. Make sure the 4 jumpers are in the JTAG-position.
  7. Switch on the the C64 (!)
  8. Then start easp with: easp -p 0x8738 -v <svf_file>
  9. It should complete with "<<< ALL TDO outputs matched to be expected values! >>>"

Note: It is normal that the C64 crashes during this procedure.

  • Turn off the C64, remove the USB cable to make sure everything gets initialized correctly
  • Put back the 4 jumpers to the DATA position
  • Turn on the C64 again

Next steps

If there is no software flashed which fits to the CPLD firmware, the C64 does not start now (black screen). In this case you need to flash the firmware: Press the upper button "Special" on the EF3 to reset to BASIC. Load EasyProg from disk and flash the ef3-init file