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How to update the EasyFlash 3 menu

EasyProg and the files needed can be found here

The System Area (Slot 0) of the EasyFlash 3 contains following data currently:

  • The menu which appears after you switched on your C64
  • A copy of EasyProg which can be started from the menu with <P>
  • KERNALs and freezer cartridges
  • A directory of all KERNALs and EasyFlash Slots

There are two images you can use to update the menu:


This image contains:

  • The menu
  • EasyProg

This is the file you should use to update an existing cartridge which has already software on it.


This image contains:

  • The menu
  • EasyProg
  • Example KERNALs
  • A directory which contains the KERNALs but is empty otherwise

This is the file you should use to initialize a new EasyFlash 3. If your System Area got erased or overwritten, you can use this image to repair it.

How to write a Menu Image to Flash

Use EasyProg to write ef3-menu.crt or ef3-init.crt. Select Slot 0, confirm the warning message and select the file.