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- Continuing refactoring swank interface to decouple it from rest of the plugin.

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 import org.lispdev.swank.ISwank;
 import org.lispdev.swank.LispProcess;
 import org.lispdev.swank.LispThread;
-import org.lispdev.swank.SwankDebugInfo;
+import org.lispdev.swank.DebugInfo;
 public class ReplConsolePage implements IPageBookViewPage
-    public void startDebug(SwankDebugInfo debugInfo)
+    public void startDebug(DebugInfo debugInfo)


 import org.eclipse.ui.IViewPart;
 import org.lispdev.swank.LispDebugTarget;
 import org.lispdev.swank.LispThread;
-import org.lispdev.swank.SwankDebugInfo;
-import org.lispdev.swank.SwankDebugInfo.SwankDebugRestart;
+import org.lispdev.swank.DebugInfo;
+import org.lispdev.swank.DebugInfo.SwankDebugRestart;
 public class RestartActionDelegate implements IViewActionDelegate, IMenuCreator
       menu = new Menu(parent);
       MenuTooltipListener listener = new MenuTooltipListener(menu.getShell());
       int i = 0;
-      final SwankDebugInfo info = thread.getDebugInfo();
+      final DebugInfo info = thread.getDebugInfo();
       for( SwankDebugRestart r : info.restarts )
         final int ii = i;
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