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Intermediate commit - trying to make debug hover for repl.

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+how to deal with swank protocol?
+- given event and a result, produce produce corresponding structure to
+be used by lispdev
+to decouple the rest of plugin from swank protocol, make ISwank to
+specify a limited set of send commands, each of them can produce a bunch of
+signals - either to passed runnables or to registered listeners.
+By specification of which command produce which signals will specify
+rigit interface between lispdev and swank.
+So all infos will be swankrunnables, but result node is private,
+can be set, but cannot be read. Instead get result values through 
+lispimplementation transformation functions.
+asyncExec - will call run at appropriate time
+right before calling run, locks runnable, sets value of result LispNode,
+then calls run
+runner class - takes in runnable and