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Cleaned up some more swank interface.

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-    repl.swank.sendEval(cleanCommand, new EvalStateRunnable(repl,repl.swank.getLispImplementation()));
+    repl.swank.sendEval(cleanCommand,
+        new EvalStateRunnable(repl,repl.swank.getLispImplementation()));
     return false;


 public class ReadState implements IState
   private final AbstractRepl repl;
-  private final String str1;
-  private final String str2;
+  private final ReadStringInfo info;
   public ReadState(AbstractRepl r, ReadStringInfo info)
     repl = r;
-    str1 = info.thread;
-    str2 = info.tag;
+ = info;
   public boolean handle(String command)
-    repl.swank.sendReadString(command, null, str1, str2);
+    repl.swank.sendReadString(command, info);
     return true;
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