lispdev / org.lispdev.editor / todo.txt

- make syntax highlighting preference page similar to Java's.

- add filtering to outline: sections, constants, functions, custom filter -
similar to java outline

- clicking on outline should select name not just one symbol in line

- make outline remember last sort/filter selection

- hover help in outline

- hover help in editor

- hover help in repl

- hyperlink detector should work with tree or xref

-- do not implement: lisp double click strategy 


;;>> TODO
;; :foo
;;   bar
;; :baz
;;   zap
;; &key (like &body)??

;; &rest 1 in lambda-lists doesn't work
;;  -- really want (foo bar
;;                  baz)
;;     not (foo bar
;;              baz)
;;  Need something better than &rest for such cases

;;; Code:


put at ')' in "baz)", it shows unmatched bracket

---- solution: bug is due to the fact, that each one line comment is
a token, and matching happening in a single token of multiline or singleline
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