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Made ui test noninteractive.

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File com.tea.ui.tests/src/com/tea/ui/tests/

 //    assertEquals(5, 3);
+    workbench.close();


 # "Tycho tutorial":
 # "Buckminster - alternative":
 # "AspectJ":
-#"RCP - mp3":
+# "daisy-pipeline":
+# "RCP - mp3":
 h2. Eclipse
 * Click on "Save" the first build will start.
-h2. CI Build Server
 h2. FindBugs and PMD
 * Install in Jenkins @Static Code Analysis Plug-ins@, @Duplicate Code Scanner Plug-in@, @FindBugs Plug-in@:
 * References: "FindBugs Annotations":
+h2. BitBucket and CI build server
+Things are now in good shape locally. The next step is to move source code to BitBucket and to set up dedicated build server.
+* Post code to bitbucket
+* Install maven 3 on your server
+* Install Jenkins on the server
+* Create location for update site mirror
+* Adjust poms for new locations
+* Create tea project on the server's Jenkins
+* Test
 h2. Code Coverage