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+APF in reStructuredText
+`Annotated Pratchett File`_ is an effort by Leo Breebaart with help of Mike Kew
+and lots of Terry Pratchett fans to create comprehensive list of Discworld (and
+other Pratchett works) trivia, annotations, joke explanations etc. It is
+available in various formats, including plain text one, but quite strangely
+formatted and quite hard to convert in other formats (like ebook ones, for
+example: EPUB, MOBI etc). This was the reason for me to convert plain text
+version to reStructuredText_ (or *rST* for short), which is is one of the best
+(or just *the best*) lightweight markup language. You can convert it to HTML,
+LaTeX, PDF, ODT, EPUB and most probably lots of other formats, whichever
+tickles your fancy most.
+.. _`Annotated Pratchett File`:
+.. _reStructuredText: