Nikolaj Sjujskij avatar Nikolaj Sjujskij committed af53318

New mesa USE-flags. And libdrm

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 media-libs/gd                   fontconfig
 media-libs/libpng               apng
 media-libs/mediastreamer        video
-media-libs/mesa                 g3dvl gles openvg xa xvmc
+media-libs/mesa                 g3dvl gles openvg r600-llvm-compiler xa xorg xvmc
 media-libs/phonon               -vlc
 media-sound/mpd                 inotify -audiofile
 media-sound/ncmpcpp             clock curl
 x11-apps/xinit                  minimal
 x11-libs/cairo                  cleartype
 x11-libs/gtkdatabox             -glade
+x11-libs/libdrm                 libkms
 x11-libs/qt-gui                 gtkstyle raster
 x11-libs/wxGTK                  -gstreamer
 =x11-misc/kbdd-9999             debug
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