reStructuredText is a plain text markup language that is simple to use for small texts yet powerful enough to create web pages, software documentation as well as full-fledged books. Documents written in reStructuredText can be converted into a variety of output formats including HTML and PDF. The goal of this project is to add epub as an output format.

What is epub?

epub is an open file format for ebooks specified by the International Digital Publishing Forum. Thus, documents in epub format are suited to be read with electronic reading devices. The epub format comprises:

Getting started

  1. Run:

    $ python install
  2. Use the command line tool, e.g.:

    $ rst2epub README.txt readme.epub
  3. Validate the generated readme.epub using EpubCheck or open it with the EPUBReader Firefox extension.


  • converts simple reStructuredText doucments
  • creates valid epub files


Please use the issue tracker to provide feature requests or bug reports.