TracAggregator documentation

Author: Nikolaj Sjujskij (Николай Шуйский)


TracAggregator is a simple Flask webapp inspired by WikiTicketCalendarMacro. It "aggregates" multiple Trac environments (only PostgreSQL-powered at the moment), displaying neat calendars for each developer with tickets bound to days.

Thanks to Maria Osipenko (Мария Осипенко) for CSS work

The work is released under the GPLv3 license (see LICENSE file).



  1. Create for storing your settings. Use unicode_literals
  2. Define TRAC_DATA, DEVS, SECRET_KEY (obligatory) and DEBUG_HOST, DATEFORMAT, DATE_FIELD (optional) variables there. See file for syntax and samples
  3. Tickets are expected to have custom field due_date with date in format "%d.%m.%Y" there (DateFieldPlugin suggested; see 2 for tuning)
  4. Run $ python
  5. Deploy with uWSGI/mod_wsgi