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Nikolaj Šujskij  committed cccf432

"Outdate" tickets only if they have `due_date` set

"Open tickets" were marked as outdated even if `due_date` was deleted and
ticket was postponed indefinitely. Now `first_due_date` are queried only if
ticket has `due_date` set.

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 # query to fetch open tickets and first due_date ever assigned to them
 QUERY_OPEN = """SELECT DISTINCT ON (ticket.id) id, owner, summary,
                    reporter, ticket.time,
-                   COALESCE(ticket_change.oldvalue, ticket_custom.value, '')
-                                AS first_due_date
+                   CASE
+                       WHEN ticket_custom.value IS NULL THEN ''
+                       ELSE COALESCE(ticket_change.oldvalue,
+                                     ticket_custom.value, '')
+                       END
+                       AS first_due_date
                 FROM ticket
                     LEFT JOIN ticket_custom ON
                         (ticket.id=ticket_custom.ticket AND
-                         ticket_custom.name='{0}')
+                         ticket_custom.name='{0}' AND
+                         ticket_custom.value!='')
                     LEFT JOIN ticket_change ON
                         (ticket.id = ticket_change.ticket AND
                          ticket_change.field='{0}' AND