wikiticketcalendarmacro / README.config

Activate it in 'trac.ini':
wikiticketcalendar.* = enabled

 - optional configuration section
 - for use with a custom due date field
   (see WikiTicketCalendarMacro home at for details)

Simple Usage

year, month = display calendar for month in year
              ('*' for current year/month)
showbuttons = true/false, show prev/next buttons
wiki_page_format = strftime format for wiki pages to display as link
                   (if exist, otherwise link to create page)
                   default is "%Y-%m-%d", '*' for default
show_ticket_open_dates = true/false, show also when a ticket was opened
wiki_page_template = wiki template tried to create new page
query_expression = TracQuery style ticket selection argument(s)
list_condense = ticket count limit to switch off ticket summary display
cal_width = calendar table width low limit 'min-width', and optional 'width'
            setting for surrounding div triggered by prepending '+' to value

Advanced Use

 - equivalent keyword-argument available for all but first two arguments
 - mixed use of keyword-arguments with simple arguments permitted,
   but strikt order of simple arguments (see above) still applies while
   keyword-arguments in-between do not count for that positional mapping,
 - query evaluates a valid TracQuery expression based on any ticket field
   including multiple expressions grouped by 'and' and 'or' 

 equivalent to [[WikiTicketCalendar(*,*,true,Talk-%Y-%m-%d,true,Talk)]]
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