This project provides a wrapper app for TortoiseHg on Mac OS X.

NOTE: This app will only work if you've installed TortoiseHG's dependencies
  by using "homebrew".

This wrapper app looks for the executable file "thg" in the following
places (in that order):

 1. $TORTOISEHG_PATH (environment variable)
 2. ~/ (whatever this returns; you can use the "" in this directory
                          as template)
 3. ~/bin/TortoiseHg/thg
 4. `which thg` (if this returns something, it'll be used)
 5. ~/bin/thg
 6. ~/TortoiseHg/thg
 7. ~/Documents/TortoiseHg/thg (for historical reasons)

If you're unsure where to place TortoiseHg, place it under ~/bin/TortoiseHg.

NOTE: To change your environment variables ($PATH or $TORTOISEHG_PATH), use "~/.MacOSX/environment.plist".

Based on work from: