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This project provides a wrapper app for TortoiseHg on Mac OS X. If you've
checked out TortoiseHg to ~/Documents/TortoiseHg then this app will work

NOTE: This app will probably only work if you've installed TortoiseHG's
  dependencies by using "homebrew".

If you've checked out TortoiseHg somewhere else, you have the following
methods to specify the path to TortoiseHg. In each case the path to 
TortoiseHg's directory (eg. "~/bin/TortoiseHg") must be placed in the
environment variable TORTOISEHG_PATH.

 * Set the environment variable using "~/.MacOSX/environment.plist".
 * Place a file called "" in your home directory 
   (that is the parent directory of your "Documents" folder) and specify
   the path to TortoiseHg there. You can use the file ""
   in this directory as template.

Some more info: