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 We are pleased to announce the availability of a new stable SKS
-release:  Version 1.1.4.
+release:  Version 1.1.5.
 SKS is an OpenPGP keyserver whose goal is to provide easy to deploy,
 decentralized, and highly reliable synchronization. That means that a
 servers, and even wildly out-of-date servers, or servers that experience
 spotty connectivity, can fully synchronize with rest of the system.
-What's New in 1.1.4
+What's New in 1.1.5
-  - Fix X-HKP-Results-Count so that limit=0 returns no results, but include
-    the header, to let a client poll for how many results exist, without
-    retrieving any. Submitted by Phil Pennock. See:
-  - Add UPGRADING document to explain upgrading Berkeley DB without
-    rebuilding. System bdb versions often change with new SKS releases
-    for .deb and .rpm distros.
-  - Cleanup build errors for bdb/bdb_stubs.c. Patch from Mike Doty
-  - Update cryptokit from version 1.0 to 1.5 without requiring OASIS
-    build system or other additional dependencies
-  - build, fastbuild, & pbuild fixed to ignore signals USR1 and USR2
-  - and were using different values for minumimum
-    compatible version. This has been fixed.
-  - Added new server mime-types, and trying another default document (Issue 6)
-    In addition to the new MIME types added in 1.1.[23], the server now
-    looks over a list and and serves the first index file that it finds
-    Current list: index.html, index.htm, index.xhtml, index.xhtm, index.xml.
-  - options=mr now works on get as well as (v)index operations. This is
-    described in
-    sections and 5.1.
-  - Updated copyright notices in source files
-  - Added sksclient tool, similar to old pksclient
-  - Add no-cache instructions to HTTP response (in order for reverse proxies
-    not to cache the output from SKS)
-  - Use unique timestamps for keydb to reduce occurrances of Ptree corruption.
-  - Added Interface specifications (.mli files) for modules that were missing
-    them
-  - Yaron pruned some no longer needed source files from the tree.
-  - Improved the HTTP status and HTTP error codes returned for various
-    situations and added checks for more error conditions.
-  - Add a suffix to version (+) indicating non-release or development builds
-  - Add an option to specify the contact details of the server administrator
-    that shows in the status page of the server. The information is in the
-    form of an OpenPGP KeyID and set by server_contact: in sksconf
-  - Add a `sks version` command to provide information on the setup.
-  - Added configuration settings for the remaining database table files. If
-    no pagesize settings are in sksconf, SKS will use 2048 bytes for key
-    and 512 for ptree. The remainining files' pagesize will be set by BDB
-    based on the filesystem settings, typically this is 4096 bytes.
-    See sampleConfig/sksconf.typical for settings recommended by db_tuner.
-  - Makefile: Added distclean target. Dropped autogenerated file from VCS.
-  - Allow tuning BDB environment before creation in [fast]build and pbuild.
-    If DB_CONFIG exists in basedir, copy it to DB dir before DB creation.
-    Preference is given to DB_CONFIG.KDB and DB_CONFIG.PTree over DB_CONFIG.
-  - Add support for Elliptic Curve Public keys (ECDSA, ECDH)
-  - Add check if an upload is a revocation certificate, and if it is, 
-    produce an error message tailored for this.
 Note when upgrading from earlier versions of SKS
-The default values for pagesize settings have changed. To continue
+The default values for pagesize settings changed in SKS 1.1.4. To continue
 using an existing DB without rebuilding, explicit settings have to be
 added to the sksconf file.
 pagesize:       4
-There are a few prerequisites to building this code.  You need:
-* ocaml-3.10.2 or later.  Get it from <>
-  ocaml-3.12.x is recommended, ocaml-4.x is not recommended at this time
+There are a few prerequisites to building this code. You need:
+* ocaml-3.11.0 or later (ocaml-3.12.x is recommended). Get it from 
+  <>
 * Berkeley DB version 4.6.* or later, whereby 4.8 or later is recommended.  
   You can find the appropriate versions at
+* GNU Make and a C compiler (e.g gcc)
 Verifying the integrity of the download
     using md5sum -c <metadata-file>.  
   - OID fixes for ECC -- force int64 use (fixes issue on 32-bit systems)
   - Replaced occurrances of the deprecated operator 'or' with '||' (BB issue #2)
-  - Revert cryptokit-1.5 to the OcamlForge archive and package our changes
-    as a separate patch while to be install during 'make'.
-  - Upgraded to cryptlib-1.7, Added the SHA-3 algorithm, Keccek
+  - Upgraded to cryptlib-1.7 and own changes are now packaged as separate 
+    patches that is installed during 'make'. Added the SHA-3 algorithm, Keccak
   - Option max_matches was setting max_internal_matches. Fixed (BB issue #4)
   - op=hget now supports option=mr for completeness (BB issue #17)
   - Add CORS header to web server responses. Allows JavaScript code to
     interact with keyservers, for example the OpenPGP.js project.
-  - Default to automatically serve on IPv6 if available
-  - Require OCaml 3.11.0
+  - Change the default hkp_address and recon_address to making the 
+    default configuration support IPv6. (Requires OCaml 3.11.0 or newer)
   - Only use '-warn-error A' if the source is marked as development as per
-    the version suffix (+)
+    the version suffix (+) (part of BB Issue #2)
   - Fix X-HKP-Results-Count so that limit=0 returns no results, but include
 	ocamldoc -hide Pervasives,UnixLabels,MoreLabels \
 	-html $(CAMLP4O) -d doc -I lib -I bdb *.mli *.ml
-	cd .. && \
-	tar cvfz sks.tgz \
-	sks/*.mli sks/*.ml sks/*.c sks/Makefile \
-	sks/.depend sks/*.tar.gz \
-	sks/bdb/Makefile sks/bdb/*.mli sks/bdb/*.ml sks/bdb/*.c \
-	sks/bdb/*.h sks/ sks/LICENSE sks/VERSION sks/FILES \
-	sks/Makefile.local.unused sks/sks.8
 The following is an incomplete guide to compiling, setting up and using SKS.
-The documentation still needs work, but hopefully this is enough to get you
+Hopefully this is enough to get you started, in addition there is a wiki available, 
+where in particular <> 
+should help getting a working installation. 
 * Berkeley DB version 4.6.* or later.  You can find the
   appropriate versions at
+* GNU Make and a C compiler (e.g gcc) 
   Verifying the integrity of the download

File sampleConfig/sksconf.minimal

 # sksconf sample for
 # ------------------------------------
-# debuglevel 4 is default (max. debuglevel is 10)
-debuglevel: 4
+# debuglevel 3 is default (max. debuglevel is 10)
+debuglevel: 3
 # set the hostname of your server

File sampleConfig/sksconf.typical

 basedir:			/var/sks
-# debuglevel 4 is default (max. debuglevel is 10)
-debuglevel:			5
+# debuglevel 3 is default (max. debuglevel is 10)
+debuglevel:			3
 hostname:			keyserver.example.tld
 hkp_port:			11371