should we register port 11370 at IANA?

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Christoph Anton Mitterer
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I'm not sure whether we've had a discussion about that already many years ago,... anyway... putting some work again recently into my keyserver (and setting up a second one in the near future)... I stumbled across my membership file again and with that over the port for SKS reconciliation, which I guess everyone uses 11370 for.

Sure, it's freely configurable, but that argument would also go for http/80.
So would you be interested in having that registered officially at IANA?

It's still free right now; 11371 is already registered for HKP.

I have already done some port registrations at IANA for some protocols in the past so I'm a bit familiar with their procedures and could do some of the work.


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  1. John Clizbe

    IMO, no. The use of 11371 for keyserver lookups predates SKS by quite a few years. It's well established among OpenPGP clients. For that reason, it makes sense to have it registered for hkp.

    There is no requirement that SKS servers recon on port 11370, it's only by habit that most of the servers do. There's no need that I can think of for 11370 being a well-known port.

  2. Christoph Anton Mitterer reporter

    Sure,... but I guess with the more and more widespread DNS SRV RRs, such well-known ports will become anyway more and more useless for most protocols.

    Anyway... it was just an offer, as I saw that literally anyone uses 11370, and the port was still free,... now.

    So if you developers don't see any benefit of this, feel free again to close the ticket :-)

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