better log message for denied by server

Issue #12 wontfix
Christoph Anton Mitterer
created an issue


When trying to gossip with a server that doesn't allow one that server prints something useful like: 2013-08-07 02:08:02 Reconciliation attempt from unauthorized host <ADDR_INET []:45022>. Ignoring

but the "own" server only says: <recon as client> error in callback.: End_of_file

Would be nice if that could be extended, at least with a hint, that it could be that.

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  1. John Clizbe

    The remote server is IGNORING the local server. Your proposing the remote send some message along the line of "I'm ignoring you because...". That is not ignoring.

    I see nothing here to fix. It hasn't been an issue for anyone before.

  2. Christoph Anton Mitterer reporter

    Nah, I didn't meant to have the remote server anything sent.

    The local server sees "Uhh... I cannot contact the remote server for some reason (whichever that is),... and prints: <recon as client> error in callback.: End_of_file

    For end-users that's not very obvious what it could mean... are some creepy TCP errors? Blocked ports... or as it seems in many cases, simply a remote server that denies you. All I proposed what to add a hint what it could be.

    Again,.. was just an idea,... feel free to close.

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