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I followed these instructions to install SKS:

I installed SKS in PREFIX=/home/sks/local

When I run, I get the following error:

/home/sks/local/bin/ line 49: /usr/sbin/sks: No such file or directory Command failed unexpectedly. Bailing out

(Of course, sks is at /home/sks/local/bin/sks, not in /usr/sbin.)

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  1. mpb reporter

    Another error:

    Loading keys...Fatal error: exception Sys_error("/var/lib/sks/dump/*.pgp: No such file or directory") Command failed unexpectedly. Bailing out

    If the SKS developers do not want people installing SKS in "non-standard" locations, why is there a PREFIX option in the configuration file?

  2. mpb reporter

    Perhaps this is just a documentation bug, and the documentation should say how to load keys directly, instead of via the (buggy) script.

  3. John Clizbe

    Hmm, the script works fine for the users of .deb packaging. That's where the script originated. Bing the case, I'm not surprised it makes certain assumptions. . I have have sks installed in /usr/bin on my Slackware and Windows (Cygwin) boxes, /opt/local/bin on my Mac, and /opt/csw/bin on the Solaris machines, and the script works fine for me on all four. Maybe that's because, it being a shell script and all, I edited it to reflect actual locations instead of running it blindly?

    The same applies to your issue with finding the keydump. Where is your dump located? Computers are only omniscient in science fiction/fantasy stories.

    BTW, PREFIX is in Makefile.local precisely so make install{,.bc} will know where to install the binaries, regardless of the location being "standard" or not.

    If you want to improve the script to automagically find the sks executable, go ahead. You can attach the patch here.

  4. mpb reporter

    As I said in my original post, I followed these instructions:

    The instructions say:

    "in the SKS directory, put in a subdirectory called dump which contains the keydump files from which the database is to be built."

    I did that.

    Then the instructions say:

    "Run That script actually runs three utilities. You might want to edit if you want to trade off speed for space usage. At the current settings, you could run out of ram if you try this with less then 256 megs of RAM."

    I have more than 256 megs of RAM, so I just "blindly" ran it, because that is what the documentation told me to do. I don't review every line of code before running the compiler, nor every line of the Makefile before running make. I just try to read and follow the instructions.

    So... the dumps were in a file named "dump", in the current directory, which is the default SKS directory, at least according to the above linked documentation.

    Thanks again for your help.

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