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Christoph Anton Mitterer created an issue


Attached is a tarball with the new/current version of my XHTML+ES websites.

It makes several changes to the previous one: - even more clarification about what happens to published keys - removes any references to my keyserver / my keyserver admin email and replaces that with non-working example names ( - I choose against using, as these ARE working domains, and if a site admin doesn't adapt that, people will send mails to those guys) - adds a TODO block in the beginning which tells people what they must/should adapt - use img instead of object elements which seems to supported nowadays by all browsers - improved the scripts to -only show valid option combinations and to not send nad query parameters that SKS would ignore anyway - support for browsers like FF that try to automatically fill in the previous selections when doing a reload of the page (in contrast to a "new load"), that could have caused troubles before - some limited support for making things work, when people reset the form, unfortunately HTML's onreset happens before the actual reset and as such this only works at the 2nd click.... any ideas how to solve that? - several further minor changes

Important: Please take care to import the files as is; the currently included files were somehow mangled up at some place, and many unicode characters like “ or ” were replaced by their "closest" ASCII counterparts... this however completely broke the page's validness as there were countles of invalid " characters that broke the syntax.

Todo: Right now it seems that options=mr does not work with op=hget (it works with op=get though). I don't see a reason why this shouldn't work... it's probably easy to implement... I vaguely remember to have even filed a ticket for this on the old Google Code page. Are there any plans to implement support for that? If so, please tell me, cause then I need to adapt the scripts to allow that combination.

Thanks, Chris.

btw: selecting kind "bug", as it not only improves the pages, but also fixes the problem due to the encoding mangling.

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  1. Christoph Anton Mitterer reporter

    Adding a new version of the sites (and removing the old attachment), with the following changes: - emphasising that multiple pushed keys must be presented as ONE ascii armor message - adding links to the pages

  2. John Clizbe

    Major bug? This is sample code for the web server

    It would make things much easier for all of us if you were to fork this repository, clone it to your local machine, make your changes, commit and push back to bitbucket. That way a simple pull request gets it into the trunk

    I'll hold off on pulling in this version as you said you wanted to make changes for op=hget with options=mr

  3. Christoph Anton Mitterer reporter

    Yeah... I guess I just tried to avoid installing something non-git'ish and there seems to be no git-hg bridge ;-) Anyway... I made a proper pull request now using native hg.

    That also includes alread support for hget+mr :-)

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